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Partner’23 : Data, Deals, and Directions

Inova presents two back-to-back webinars from the industry’s leading experts on trends and best practices. In the first of these exclusive webinars, we will talk data and deals and what’s hot and what’s not in 2023. Just twenty-four hours later, we’ll discuss what it takes to be a partner of choice and how to leave your mark in the biopharma partnering world.

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Biopharma Dealmaking in 2023.

Perspective and Projections​

Deal flow decreased, average deal values dropped, and headline grabbing M&As slowed to a trickle. Inflation soared, IPOs cratered, and SPAC just might be the new four-letter-word. After a year where the global economy slowed and uncertainty reigned, what does 2023 hold for the biopharma industry?​

Chris Dokomajilar, Founder and CEO at Dealforma, returns to Inova to offer his third annual review of the year in life science partnering. He’ll unlock all the trends in the dealmaking data and draw on his deep industry expertise to project what we’re likely to see in the biopharma dealmaking in 2023.​

  • Why large pharma merger activity slowed​
  • Where VC investments flowed, and why
  • How and where pre-clinical biotechs raised capital​
  • Whether licensing upfronts will bounce back in the new year​

Our panelist:

Chris Dokomajilar

Founder and CEO

@ DealForma

Partner of Choice. By Choice.

How AbbVie Topped the Partnering 2030 Survey

In 2022 Inova surveyed more than 100 biotechs worldwide for its Partnering 2030 report​ to determine which pharma company offered the very best partnering experience. The clear winner: AbbVie. Praised by biotechs for its good working relationships and commitment to achieving business and scientific objectives, AbbVie has established itself as a partner of choice – and it’s not by accident. ​

In this exclusive webinar, Niels Emmerich, Vice President and Global Head of Search & Evaluation, explains how AbbVie chose to position itself as a partner of choice for biotechs, the best practices it implemented to achieve this position, and what the company is seeking in partners in 2023 and beyond.​ ​

  • How important the 'first touch' is in biopharma partnering​
  • Effective strategies for getting your foot in the door at a top pharma company
  • What partnering opportunities AbbVie is seeking in 2023​

Our panelists:

Niels Emmerich

Vice President, Global Head S&E

@ AbbVie

Caroline Toulemonde

Chief Strategy Officer

@ Inova