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Partner of Choice. By Choice. How AbbVie Topped the Partnering 2030 Survey

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In 2022 Inova surveyed more than 100 biotechs worldwide for its Partnering 2030 report​ to determine which pharma company offered the very best partnering experience. The clear winner: AbbVie. Praised by biotechs for its good working relationships and commitment to achieving business and scientific objectives, AbbVie has established itself as a partner of choice – and it’s not by accident. ​

In this exclusive webinar, Niels Emmerich, Vice President and Global Head of Search & Evaluation, explains how AbbVie chose to position itself as a partner of choice for biotechs, the best practices it implemented to achieve this position, and what the company is seeking in partners in 2023 and beyond.​ ​

Watch the replay to learn:​

  • How important the 'first touch' is in biopharma partnering​
  • Effective strategies for getting your foot in the door at a top pharma company
  • What partnering opportunities AbbVie is seeking in 2023​
Watch this replay to get expert insights from our panelists:
Niels Emmerich
Niels Emmerich
Vice President, Global Head S&E
Caroline Edlund Toulemonde
Caroline Toulemonde
Chief Strategy Officer

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Partner’23: Data, Deals, and Directions

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