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Five Focus Areas to Level Up Your Alliance Management Practice

Effective Alliance Management (AM) is fundamental to successful life science partnerships. Managing expectations and risk, maintaining cultural fit, and aligning on objectives and milestones are all important components of the best AM programs – but how can you elevate your AM practice to industry-best?

AM experts Rob Barber of VaxEquity and Muriel Xatard of Labatec join Inova in this exclusive webinar to discuss the five areas where professionals should focus their efforts to achieve best-practice alliance management. Watch the replay to learn where resources should be deployed, what soft-skills need to be developed, how to achieve executive buy-in, and how to leverage digital technology while building lasting collaborations.

Watch this replay to get expert insights from our panelists:
Rob Barber
Senior Director, Alliance Management
VaxEquity Ltd.
Muriel Xatard
Muriel Xatard
Alliance Management Lead
Labatec Pharma SA

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