Partnering 2030: The Biotech Perspective

Over 100 biotechs from different regions, company sizes and asset types, answer key questions around partnering:

  • Their priorities and needs
  • Their pain points and deal-breakers
  • Their partner of choice and rating

The Next Generation of Partnering

A shared vision for better biopharma partnering is being explored for the first time. This vision, labeled as the next generation of partnering, or Partnering 2030, is digital, data driven, and agile.

An influx of capital, increase in business acumen, and new deal options have provoked a power shift across the partnering landscape. Big pharma is facing fierce competition to identify and partner with the most innovative science.​

Heads of M&A and BD departments from top pharma companies have expressed similar pain points and needs, all pointing to the vision described.

Pain points & solutions - Partnering 2030: The Biotech Perspective
Fig 1 – Pain points and solutions based on Top Pharma' s view of the current partnering landscape

On the other side, out-licensors' priorities, needs, and expectations have been explored in this exclusive report.

More than 100 biotechs of various sizes, from different regions, and with different assets types and in different phases of development reveal what makes a deal attractive and what defines a successful partnership.

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Partnering 2030: The Biotech Perspective
Partnering 2030: The Biotech Perspective
Partnering 2030: The Biotech Perspective
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Discover what it means to be a Partner of Choice in this 2022 Report.

The balance of power in biopharma is shifting and there's a significant gap between out-licensor expectations and in-licensor offers. With venture capital competing with pharma for the most innovative life science, knowing precisely what biotechs want can be the difference between inking a deal and missing out altogether.

In this exclusive report more than 100 biotechs reveal their preferred deal structures, their most common pain points, and rank the world's largest pharma companies for the quality of their partnering experience.

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