Driving Successful Alliance Management: Strategies from Top Biopharma Companies

When you read about a biopharma deal, it's often an announcement of a seven, eight or nine figure deal that took months to bring into being.

But no matter how long the deal took to reach signature, that's only the beginning of a far longer relationship. Stretching for over a decade or more, the partnership is steered by experts in alliance management who ensure milestones are hit, expectations are met, and partnerships persist.

Alliance management plays a key role in the long-term success of pharma companies. In this eBook, we explain why alliance management matters and highlight three strategies used by top biopharma companies to drive their alliances towards success.

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Learn Successful Alliance Management Strategies from Top Biopharma Companies

  • Strategy 1: Creating A Culture Of Alliance Management.
  • Strategy 2: Leveraging Health Checks.
  • Strategy 3: Building aCorporate Memory.

About Inova

Inova accelerates partnering for the future of medicine. Our cloud-based solutions help life science companies manage their biopharma opportunities more efficiently. They find all their partnering information in one place, track their deals and alliances easily and report on their pipeline and activities in seconds.
We have also developed strategic partnerships that make data from the 20 biggest biopharma events automatically available in Inova, providing our users with always up-to-date company and contact information. Over 160 life science companies, including 60% of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies and many midsize pharma and innovative biotechs already use Inova.